And so! it begins… (otherwise known as The Introduction)

Hello everybody! My name is not Flagmouth but you can call me that, since I’ll likely not be giving out my real name on the internet. And this here is my blog.

Before going any further I feel I ought to point out a few things. Number one, which you may have guessed at if you read the tagline, I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I was diagnosed with AS when I was sixteen, but I’ve had it since well before then, and I haven’t really had anything that might be considered a “normal” life because of it. I won’t go into my life story (yet) but rest assured I shall get to it eventually.

In having AS I have discovered that by far the best way to go about these things is full disclosure, not to go around hiding stuff like I’m in some cheap TV drama. Reading some of what I’m about to tell you may either make you feel uncomfortable or that I’m a jerk. Well, having Asperger’s I’m not unfamiliar with either of those and I’ll be the first one to point out I’m not a terribly nice person. I’ll do what I can to change that, but I’ve got a list to write:

Number one – I am a hypocrite. Chances are good that a given standard that I hold others to is not going to apply to me; for example, I hate it when people bash works without knowing anything about them yet I do the same to the Twilight series of novels. I acknowledge that this is bad and I’m working on it, as it diminishes what little credibility I actually have and alienates people unnecessarily.

Number two – I am a Christian. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior (though I have trouble with the Lord bit from time to time – heck, all the time) and as such my views stem from the Christian (specifically Protestant and nondenominational) perspective. This isn’t a predominantly Christian blog, however, and I’ll do my best to avoid offending anyone unnecessarily. There will be some Christian posts from time to time, however, so you have been warned.

Number three – I form very strong opinions. As stated above I will attempt to do my level best here not to beat you over the head too badly with them, but in addition to AS niche-interests that I will defend to the death (such as Team Fortress 2, Firefly, Star Wars and the Dresden Files, all well worth your time in my opinion) I have certain Berserk Buttons that can and WILL set me off, such as animal abuse, false Christianity, and not following traffic laws.

Anyway, now that that’s over, the entire point of this blog is primarily to focus on Asperger’s and to give a perspective from inside the Aspergian Skull Cavity to help people understand exactly what goes on in there. There will be other stuff from time to time but that’s the main reason I started this blog and I intend to stick to it. It’s helped my parents out immensely, to the point where I can actually live with them, and I sincerely hope it can help others out too. I’ve been there – maybe not to the absolute brink of what can happen, but I have AS and I know what it’s like. To readers who do have it, I hope I can relate to you and show you you’re not alone – even if you’ve been told that it’s sometimes difficult to fully realize without sharing experiences. To those without, maybe this will help you deal with loved ones whom you cannot seem to understand or interact with without setting them off, and maybe we can put an end to that frustration.



Flagmouth, Lord of Tangents


5 thoughts on “And so! it begins… (otherwise known as The Introduction)

  1. Tu es super. J’adore lire ça. Tu m’as déjà beaucoup appris! Bon courage et bonne continuation. Bravo!!

  2. I am very impressed by your courage and clarity in writing this blog post. I believe you are right in your thinking that this will help both those with Asperger’s and those who are trying to gain an understanding of it. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I believe a family member of mine has Asberger’s but has never been diagnosed. I desperately want to be more caring, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, etc., but I’m struggling in my relationship with him. I look forward to reading you blog and hope to find some answers, or at least be more comfortable with my questions.

  4. I couldn’t be any prouder of you if you won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Hey, that may happen one day! This blog is so enlightening…I’ve known you all your life and yet, today I seem to be meeting you on a totally different level! This grandmother thanks you for all the others out there who have also struggled to understand. I’m looking forward to all the future installments…..and remember, I love you!!!

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