Insight and Out (Part 2)

Despite my inclination to save each little bit of this journal for a new day for the purposes of keeping my parents satisfied with as little work as possible, I don’t think that would be helpful.

…I very nearly just titled this part three. I swear I can count. Stop laughing.

I now continue my journal on account of I wish to eventually collect these entries and publish them as a reference to how the minds of Aspies work*, since not many people seem to understand that. I repeatedly run into impasses with my parents or with other people in general that stem from fundamental differences in opinion on how the world should work. And when I say fundamental I bloody well mean it. Nothing makes sense to me about a lot of decisions that other people make, and I’m sure that they feel the same way.

    As the people who have to interact with me the most in an intimate environment I’m certain my family suffers the most from this. One of the things that comes up quite regularly is my statement of opinions as if they were facts. For example, instead of “I think Firefly is the best show ever,” I would say “Firefly is the best show ever. Full stop.” This seems quite acceptable at school (though perhaps my peers are resigned to my being overbearing in that regard and so do not comment on it) and on the Internet (though we all know how much social practices on the Internet are worth), but frequently my family takes issue with it. My parents complain that I leave no room for disagreement and my brother frequently makes sarcastic remarks indicating that no other person could POSSIBLY have their own opinion when mine is so much better.

    This in turn annoys me because it seems like they’re constantly and rather bluntly disagreeing with my opinions. Leaving out that Firefly is clearly the best show in the world, I do suppose there are issues with stating opinions as facts. For one, you do come off as disagreeable, a fact which I have noticed when others do this. That I notice with my abysmal Wisdom score should be a clue of some significance as to the magnitude of the issue. It also devolves arguments between people who say Firefly is the best show and people who say Leverage is the best show into personal attacks when really the best approach would be to acknowledge that one’s opinion is an opinion, which in turn means that others need not agree with it.

    As I type this section I repeatedly have to stop myself from insisting that Firefly is the best show ever. Thus I shall now school myself in the art of Diplomacy, by saying that Firefly is a show which I think is the best show ever. I happen to really, really like the show but that does not necessarily mean that others will agree with me. I choose not to bring up that Firefly had one season and one season only as evidence that others might not agree because Fox performed the networking equivalent of shattering a person’s kneecaps with a tire iron and then having them run a race. No, seriously, look it up.

    The simple end fact of the matter is that different people have different preferences and therefore WILL like different things. It is unavoidable and we might as well stop getting into pointless arguments about it, on account of it’s not liable to change anytime soon and if it does change and everyone starts liking the same thing we end up with Brave New World, which is hardly ideal.

    Speaking of opinions (and, for that matter, of speaking) I have, several times, displayed a strange dichotomy regarding my attitudes toward paying attention to others while they are speaking. For example, last night I became very irritated towards my dad while he was talking to me. It seemed he was taking absolute ages to finish a single thought and he seemed to go over the same thought several times. It positively drove me mad.

    My irritation ended up spilling over into my body language and my responses to him, responding in a clipped and impatient tone of voice to everything he said. Naturally I understood that this would upset him, however there was simply nothing I could do about it. It was simply impossible for me to tolerate

* Seems I’ve gone and done it.


One thought on “Insight and Out (Part 2)

  1. I get soooo angry when my plans are disrupted. If I don’t know something needs to be done until after I’m already doing something else, I become extremely confused and my brain scrambles to redo the whole plan. While I try to cope with the disappointment of not doing something I have been looking forward to. It’s exhausting, to say the least.

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