Insight and Out (Part 4)

This first bit seemingly consists primarily of me railing at “popular” leisure activities.

My father suggests that I post about dating and girls, a line of thought which will inevitably lead to coitus. I take a non-standard line of thinking as far as women are concerned, as I am wont to do in any situation. I simply have little interest in coitus, to say nothing of the fact that my social skills are so abysmal that any attempt by me to chat up a woman in, say, a bar would likely work out like that scene in A Beautiful Mind where John Nash gets slapped in the face. Yeah.

As a matter of fact by disinterest in coitus in general has led to some…odd conversations at work. Most of the other employees at my workplace are college students or similarly aged and therefore their idea of a good time involves alcohol, coitus, and in some cases marijuana. I understand little of this, other than the people smoking pot have absolutely no grasp of the effects that marijuana has on their brain.

How do I know this? I was speaking to one of the delivery drivers one time about what we like to do in our free time and of course the subject was brought up. Since the prior year I had done a project on marijuana for my Health class, I had a fairly good understanding of what it does to the body. This guy was so moronic he insisted it did none of these things. Okay, well, obviously it’s had an effect on your mind then, buddy.

Back to the matter at hand which is coitus. I assure you that despite my refusal to pursue girls as avidly as my peers I am quite straight; as stated previously I firmly believe that homosexuality is wrong. As a matter of fact I’ve thought about girls and even had a couple of crushes, though for the sake of all those involved (which is to say, for my sake) I will not reveal their names. But the simple fact of the matter is, for me at least, that the Bible states that coitus outside of marriage is wrong. Full stop. That’s all I needed to hear.

For some reason that doesn’t always work, but when it comes to coitus, alcohol, drugs and speeding, there is simply no contest about it. I wonder why that is, that I follow those rules full stop and ignore some others?



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