Insight and Out (Part 7)

I wish the “View Post” button wasn’t bright blue, I keep accidentally clicking it instead of “New Post.” It’s like WordPress doesn’t want me to post…

Spies are everywhere. Some of them may work for Pizza Ranch.

So anyway the other day I was at work and I was talking to one of the waitresses who claimed to have a disorder called borderline personality disorder. She described it as being like bipolar disorder (I suppose we have to call it manic-depressive disorder now…stupid science) except rather than going from manic to depressive over a period of a week or so one could swing between extremes over the course of a few minutes.

I thought that sounded a lot like me, and resolved to look it up when I got home. After all, I had done the same thing with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and self-diagnosed it pretty easily.* Unfortunately it wasn’t so clear-cut this time. The symptoms seemed to describe somebody with much more of a problem than me. Granted I’ve been on medication but still, it sounded like a lot more of a problem than what I have.

But anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering why in the name of sin I’m bringing this up in the first place. Well, I was just reflecting on a book I’d read a year or so ago called the Da Vinci Method, one of those things which attempts to explain why some people operate differently. It made sense, but meh. Anyway, according to that book there are two types of people: da Vincis and normal-types. The author described it with an analogy pertaining to ancient hunter-gatherers, or really more to farmers and hunters, since gathering doesn’t enter the equation. Basically da Vincis are hunters and normals are farmers; normals work at twenty to thirty percent capacity day in and day out, rather like mindless automatons or cogs in the machine. da Vincis, on the other hand, spend most of their time lolling around at around zero percent, and then go out hunting and briefly exert themselves at max capacity (One hundred percent, for the folks keeping track at home) for a couple hours while they sprint down a deer and knife it to death with its own antlers or something appropriately hardcore like that.

At the time it made perfect sense and for the next couple of days after that I was able to sort people into these categories until one day I wasn’t. It simply stopped computing.

Frequently I tend to bounce between extremes like this, and it makes things unpredictable at best and violent at worst for people incapable of discerning which way I’ll react to something. Which is, in turn, a wee bit of a problem.

* Yeah, the only thing I’ve accomplished in the field of psychology is to get a four on the AP test, so this almost certainly holds about as much water as a leaky plastic bag.


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