The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

First, I’d like to preface this post with a message. Frozen has now supplanted The Avengers as my favorite movie of all time.

If you don’t like Frozen then get off of my blog and go see a psychiatrist or something, because there is something seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong with you and you shouldn’t be sitting in front of a screen when you could be fixing it. Begone.



Right, now that the people with poor taste in movies are gone, let’s get down to business here. This morning my dad commented that my bedroom was extremely cold. My response, of course, was to say, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Because references are awesome and references to sources that are themselves awesome increase that awesome exponentially. Awesome. But that prompted my dad to say, “Hey, you should use Frozen as a topic for your blog.”

Now, I know what people are thinking. This is a blog about tales from the Aspergian skull cavity, not a blog for me to gush about awesome stuff like Frozen or Firefly (I reiterate; if you don’t like them then leave and have your head examined. You shouldn’t be reading this far down anyhow, didn’t you see the opener?) But, you see, me and my friends have this thing we do where we will take each person in our little group and assign them a character from a video game, movie, book, etc. for kicks and giggles. When possible these are supposed to match personality, though on at least one occasion we named one of the group to be Black Widow (from the Avengers) purely because she was the only girl and quite frankly there weren’t any personality matches.

From that same discussion I’m Iron Man (because of my sarcasm and casual disregard for authority). I’m also Captain Jack Sparrow, the TF2 Soldier, the Joker, Batman, Nightcrawler and Elsa. Naturally we did one with Frozen, duh, we all love it ’cause we’ve got good taste in movies.

The scary thing is how accurate the last one is. No, I’m not a queen. Nor do I have ice powers (suffice to say I’d have conquered the world; I’m not NEARLY so nice a person as Elsa). Nor, for that matter, am I an attractive woman. I’m a guy with a lack of adjectives (because while my parents insist I’m handsome, I find it a tad difficult to interpret them as being purely objective. They’re my parents, n’est-ce pas?) Where things start scarily mimicking my own life is in Elsa’s life and interactions with others.

Spoilers ahead for Frozen. If you haven’t watched it go watch it, my blog will be here when you return barring a DDoS attack or the apocalypse.


I’m assuming anyone reading from this sentence on has watched the movie. Elsa’s shut herself off from human contact to avoid giving people a nasty case of frostbite. I did something similar – back when I was in elementary/junior high/middle school, the main indication that I had Asperger’s was that I had one hell of a temper. I bit someone on the back of the neck once. So eventually I arrived at the conclusion that contact with humans equals bad. Because humans made me angry and when I’m angry, I punch people in the face. When people are punched in the face they press charges. I have no interest in going to jail and quite frankly I don’t enjoy punching people in the face (unless they deserve it. Those schmucks who don’t like Frozen, I’m looking at them.)

At the same time, Elsa is causing harm to those around her purely by not interacting with them – namely, Anna is upset that her sister’s shutting her out and because the plot requires extraordinary poor communication she thinks there’s no reason for it. I, for my part, tend to stay in my room by myself as well, which irritates my own brother and my parents who want to see more of me.

Finally, Elsa doesn’t realize her full potential (as seen during Let It Go and if you don’t like that song then GET. OUT. ) because she’s afraid of the effects it would have on other people as well as what they might say about her/do to her. People keep saying I’m a great writer. I’ll let you decide on that for yourself – but the point is that I’m not realizing my full potential either. I should probably write that book…


6 thoughts on “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

  1. I’ll even help you write it, should you actually need help. Your writing in your blog is indicative of your talent.

  2. Elsa is a wonderfully cathartic character. I bought the movie and sound track as soon as they were released and when it is playing in the car, all my kids know that I get Elsa’s parts.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! I also love Frozen, and from someone who suffers from COD and anxiety, it was cool to hear your comparison. Nice job.

  4. Our family LOVES Frozen! Our 11 y.o. son, who also has Aspergers, sings the songs from this movie in different dialects. Keeps us all entertained. Your blog is wonderful!

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