Triumphant (maybe) Return

Wow. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Sorry about that – meatspace is a terrible thing and my job has been EXTREMELY taxing for a while now. I’m one of two people working dishroom/delivery at the moment so I end up working a shift almost every day and almost always closing the restaurant (which is harder than a regular shift).


Anyway, hope you’re all not cheesed off at me. The reason why I’ve finally cleared out some time for this is that my parents and I have come to an agreement. Essentially I’m going to be a tenant now. I’m going to pay rent and utilities and whatnot and purchase my own food, while still living at my parents’ house. This is pretty good – while it’s going to cost no small amount of money, it’s a good deal and on top of that it takes a huge stress load off everyone.

Because I no longer have to do dishes and my parents no longer have to lecture me about video games are evil.

So, all in all I think this will turn out for the better at least in the long run. Despite that, as always with changes, I’m freaked out about a few things. For one, buying my own food isn’t as simple as it sounds, because I’ve got to plan out what I’m going to buy by a huge number of variables such as nutrition, prep time, taste and price. That is going to be a huge hassle. Let’s just hope that this yields some good updates in the future, at any rate.



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