Tolerance, Gaming and just a bit of Perspective

I am here to update and chew bubblegum.

…I don’t own any bubblegum. One might say I’m all out of bubblegum.

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was playing a naval combat game online, wherein each person has their own ship and they can name it whatever they like (within certain guidelines…obviously profanity is forbidden and there is a length limit but whatever). Naturally, being the Frozie Fuhrer, I opted to name my battleship Queen Elsa’s Revenge, after the famous pirate ship and my favorite movie which-also-is-the-best-movie-of-all-time-stoparguingwithmethisisnotoptionalYOUAREINCOMPATIBLEYOUWILLBEDELETED

*ahem* Sorry.

Back on topic, I killed somebody else’s battleship and in the chat he promptly informed me I was a “hacker n00b.” I mean, with zeros and all. Nobody spells noob with zeros anymore. This being after a shift at the restaurant and me therefore being higher on caffeine than the ISS, I indulged my inner sadist by responding to him. If you’ve played online games, you know how this went. I even went so far as, when a teammate of mine killed him, I started jokingly calling him a hacker (the teammate, not the One Who Spells With Numbers) because obviously anyone who killed this guy must be a hacker.

It reached lunatic status when he threatened to hack my account. Yeah. Hypocrisy is fun stuff.

It occurs to me that I’ve been on the other end of that in the past. World of Tanks, Roblox, Team Fortress 2, Battlefront 2 and Left 4 Dead have all been graced by my own gamer rage. And it occurs to me – should those of us not raging REALLY be laughing?

It’s honestly not funny at all. I’m not even talking about “oh, we all did this at one time or another.” I’m talking about Asperger’s. Stressful situations like that have a very real potential to spiral outside the person’s ability to control them. Effectively we’re laughing at someone else’s disability. It’s amazing what a dampener this has put on my enthusiasm for quashing people like that in video game voice and text chat. If you reach out with just a little perspective (this new format for italicizing text is horrible, by the way) you discover all sorts of things that make you feel like a really nasty sort of person.

Fortunately, for those of you who count yourselves with me among the petty, vindictive, immature and hypocritical, we’re not left without targets. There are people who are legitimately being…well, I won’t use the term I’m thinking but let’s just leave it with they are not very nice people. Take the previous navy game for example. Some jerk on the enemy team thought it would be amusing to name his ship in German to bypass the censors. His name apparently translated to “Jews are [expletive]s”

Needless to say, nobody was amused. Since he was perfectly grammatical and lucid in his messages, he was certainly doing this for lulz as opposed to because of an issue outside his control. That’s the one time I’ve ever used the Report function in that game. I hope it worked.


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