Return of the Me

Do not adjust your sets, I am actually back. Writing a blog post.

You might even say that I’m blogging “for the first time in forever.”

Heh. Frozen jokes.

*ahem* Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what I’m supposed to write about, so we’ll see how this goes. The current plan is for me to just write stuff out and hopefully it helps someone. Dad actually suggested that I make a post about the new Battlefront game, since there is now gameplay footage released onto the internet of same.

I’m not sure that falls within the scope of this blog but whatever, I’ll give it a shot.

It looks simply amazing. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the first video game I ever owned that was worthy of the name (which is to say wasn’t an edutainment game based on Sesame Street or something) and I loved it to death. In the summers when I owned it I spent my days trying to find some friend to play with in the neighborhood, usually failing because of whatever reason, coming back in and playing Battlefront for five or six hours on end.

Basically, it was fantastic.

The premise of the game is essentially this: you’re a soldier on either side of the Galactic Civil War (Empire vs. Rebellion) or the Clone Wars (Republic vs. CIS). You have a gun. There are lots of enemy soldiers. You should shoot them. Essentially it was turn-your-brain-off stupid fun, and it genuinely felt like you were part of this epic battle for the fate of a planet.

Now, the new gameplay footage looks EVEN BETTER. I hooked my laptop up to our TV so I could show my brother and my dad. My brother’s reaction, as expected, was very similar to mine – he stared in slack-jawed awe at the screen and giggled like a schoolgirl whenever something exploded. But the thing was that my dad actually looked impressed and after it was over, said, “I want one.”

He then went and accosted my mother, pointing at the screen (which was showing that you can play as one of the massive four-legged walkers from The Empire Strikes Back) and just repeating “I want one” over and over. So the game has actually managed to convince MY DAD, who hates any game with more than three buttons, that he should play it.

My brother and I, of course, are putting together a curriculum to make sure he won’t be completely lost when the game comes out.

The only potential issue is that EA is publishing it, and they won Worst Company in America (or the world, honestly it doesn’t matter which you get my point) twice in a row for good reason. They have this nasty habit of eating smaller companies and turning good products into watered-down cash grabs. They did this to Maxis and the Sims series, but the problem I had with them was when they wrecked the ending to the Mass Effect trilogy.

Fortunately, DICE (the people behind the new Battlefront game) seem to get screwed over less by EA. That combined with the simplicity of the game (wildly shoot everyone while screaming DIE REBEL SCUM about sums it up) and they’d have to try pretty hard to actively honk off the fanbase before it becomes a problem.

More importantly, it’s another video game I’ll be able to play with Dad. We’ve been playing quite a bit of Super Smash Bros and while his number one cause of death is accidental suicide he seems to enjoy it plenty, which is a nice change from constant shouting matches over the computer and gaming in general.

Anyway, this post seems to have reached its natural conclusion, so yeah. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep posting to this blog very quickly – I kinda missed it.


5 thoughts on “Return of the Me

  1. Hi. I think that’s really cool that you have something you and your dad can enjoy together. I love the movie Frozen by the way, so I don’t mind the references. Unfortunately, I am totally blind, and so cannot play games such as these, however, I do enjoy si-fi and fantasy books/shows. This blog is very well written. How old are you if I may ask? Yah, and I’m on the Spectrum to. Hahaha. Anyway, get back if you want.

  2. I, too, am so happy you and you dad are having fun with this new past-time together. Enjoy. I, too, am glad to see you are blogging again.

  3. Hey, man! Great to hear from you again. You can write about anything, and I’ll read it–happily! GL

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