The Flood

I meant to write something up for this earlier in the week…but I think I can be excused.

You see, on Sunday, I got up, talked with my family about how awesome Battlebots was going to be (it was that awesome), and then got on Skype to chat with my friends.

The last thing they heard from me was, “Oh **** my sink is flooding talktoyoulaterbye!”

So yeah, that happened. The plumbing apparently went temporarily on strike and failed to drain the water from the washing machine properly – causing my sink and the laundry sink, as I live in the basement, to overflow.

Fun was had.

I got to move my entire computer desk in order to get the water out of the carpet, which meant I was unable to access my gaming rig for around twenty-four hours at least. This was extremely frustrating, because I had just got a whole bunch of new games on sale and wanted to play some of them. Or maybe watch a new anime.

I got to do exactly nothing on my list except run damage control in my room for a day or more, since the entire room was taken apart to keep everything out of the water coming from the sink.

It wasn’t fun. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to the stuff I wanted to do ANYWAY, but still. If I’m going to put something off, I want to do so on my own bloody time, thanks. I don’t need help at procrastinating, I’m very good already. It’s this stupid crap that comes up on short notice with no warning that really gets on my nerves. Same thing happened a while ago – I had to use my dad’s car to deliver pizza because I ran over a screw and lost a car tire. I was just about ready to blow my stack the entire night – thank God it was a slow night or I would have probably melted down and spontaneously burst into flames or something.

Even worse, the only thing to do against this is make sure as much is in order as possible so that it doesn’t get in the way of potential emergencies – I always view my bank account as containing only about half of its actual amount of money – if I spend money I have to leave around a thousand or so bucks left over to keep me afloat in case someone wrecks my car, for example.

On a better note, Battlebots is a great show and you should totally watch it so they can make more seasons, because a robot EXPLODED last episode.


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