Where No Flagmouth Has Gone Before

So, yeah. I’m in college.

…the heck happened to all my free time?

In all seriousness it’s not so bad as that. College is pretty much nothing like high school, aside from, y’know, classes and such. The interesting thing about it to me is that rather than math-science-English-history-foreign language classes that not everyone is interested in, at the moment I’m just taking classes related to criminology and computers. Okay, fine, there’s a composition class too but honestly it’s a lot better by virtue of being more specific.

It’s also nice to not have the silly short time periods between classes. In high school, as I believe I’ve ranted at length over, you have five minutes to plow through all the stupids who want to sit in the middle of the hallway and chat before you can get to your next class. Here, the shortest interval between classes is…let me math this out real quick…three hours. Granted, one of those three hours is spent driving home from one campus and then driving off to the other but on the whole that’s not bad.

The instructors seem far more approachable as well. I believe I’ve stayed a short while after class to speak with each of them, with the exception of my composition instructor because I’m taking that class online. All of them have been incredibly helpful and are a great resource for these sorts of things. Which is a great improvement over high school where I had at least three teachers whom I had an adversarial relationship at best.

Honestly, the biggest problem I’ve had is not my own experience at college but rather my friends’. The past week was effectively the first week of classes – my own college started up the preceding Thursday but nothing really happened until a week ago anyway. The point is the colleges my friends are in started a week ago and as such this is effectively the first week of classes for us. Until Saturday I did not have the chance to speak with any of them other than the sole remaining high schooler among us, between homework and assorted other college-y things. Of course, I found this immensely frustrating. I’m of the opinion that once I complete my own work I should be allowed to have some free time to spend with my friends, but instead I get them either doing their own work or busy with other things. My dad says I should get more friends…yeah. I’ll get to that. Maybe not in this post but I will.

So along comes Saturday. I’ve been trying out a new update in Terraria, one of the games I can play, and I invite them all onto my game so we can do some stuff. All’s well and good for a while, until somebody walks into a dorm room and just…I don’t even know. What sort of mental process is it that leads a person to see someone playing a video game, headphones in, mic turned on, Skyping with friends, and decide “Oho! I shall conversate with them and stop them from playing the video game because they’re talking to myself! This is a fabulous idea that makes all the sense in the world!”

…uh, no. Get out.

Anyway this guy keeps yakking on for a good fifteen minutes or so, stopping the friend he’s talking to from actually, y’know, playing the game. Because why not. I’m sure interrupting is polite or something like that. Jeez.

And then later it happens again, just this time with the other friend who’s in college. I mean, he lives in a fraternity house (I think, don’t quote me on that) so I don’t expect him to have perfect silence on the other end of the mic or anything, but again, people decide to interrupt others who are playing video games.

Please imagine for a moment the sound of my head hitting my desk or a wall in measured and appropriate exasperation, as there’s no way to type that out in text.

So I’ve decided I definitely never want roommates. I tend to be very loud while playing video games with my friends, which are of course the best kind of video games. That’s not as much of a problem in my house. I rent a room in the basement, which is ludicrously effective at muting me for the most part – I once got startled at three in the morning playing a video game and screamed an obscenity at the top of my lungs. And my lungs are pretty tall, I used to play tuba.

Nobody noticed.

But in a tiny apartment or a dorm room, my roommate is sure to get annoyed. To say nothing of the people next door, or above or below. Rather than temper my reactions I’d just spring for a little extra privacy. Plus the fact that, while if you get a decent roommate things can be all well and good, I’m well aware of what constitutes “decent” in my book and the sheer volume of people who don’t qualify. Seriously, it’s better for all of us if I don’t room with someone else.

But yeah, other than issues with my friends’ housing college is alright, at least right now. There was a brief altercation where I was outraged at my friend’s calculus professor for assigning something at nine o’clock Sunday morning, but once my friend found out (and told me) that it was due on Wednesday and not Monday that was fine.

More updates as events warrant – probably that post on getting friends and such. Unless I’ve already done that, I dunno. I tend to forget what I’ve already posted.


4 thoughts on “Where No Flagmouth Has Gone Before

  1. You and my son’s would get along great! LOL you sound just like them! They are both going from high school to college turned 18 in January, love video games ( they play Terraria, mabanogi (sp?), vindictus,….. I could go on all night but you get the idea) They are trying to learn to navigate through society while being noticed as little as humanly possible (I think). Anyway I am always trying to get them to meet new people and make new friends. So if your interested in making new friends I know one of them is: amannamedhero on Skype ( that’s William) and Mat is: Moonstar989.

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