Stuff That I Have Itemized

If I wait any longer to write this post it won’t get done, so let’s do this.

Item One: I’m still in college.

Honestly it’s not that bad. I heard loads of conflicting reports on the subject before I actually applied. On the one hand my parents assured me it was nowhere near as bad as high school…not that that says all that much, really. On the other hand, I had a couple of friends who had gone to college and promptly vanished off the face of the earth. I only saw them online rarely and they were never available to actually do anything – it was just homework all the time.

Naturally I wasn’t pleased at the idea. However, I really don’t have an awful lot of homework. Sure, there’s a bit of reading but I read at 200 pages per hour and I finally have an effective note-taking system (in the form of a laptop and Google Drive) and other than that most work is spaced out. Granted I’m not in a math class yet, but still. The only annoying thing I’ve had to deal with thus far has been one of my teachers stating at the beginning of the semester that he hated busywork – and then promptly giving us two busywork assignments later on. Well, I guess he didn’t make any promises, but still, that’s annoying as all get out.

Item Two: I may have solved my procrastination issues.

What I have found to be extremely helpful is to keep a Google document with a list of everything. When I was younger I was hardly seen without a notebook and a writing utensil and I made exhaustive lists of everything. Frequently in church, as it kept me from disrupting my parents’ experience and was quiet. Plus since it wasn’t electronic it magically was less distracting. The gist of it is that one time during youth service I randomly decided to write down all the playable races for Dungeons & Dragons that I could think of off the top of my head. I don’t remember why, honestly, I just remember that it is very nice to have these things catalogued.

Now, the problem with that is that paper and pen only goes so far. If you have a list that you want to keep in alphabetical order, but you need to add something, you’ve got to either start over or wedge it in the minimal space you have available. Sure, you could argue that pencil would work, but if you need to add a new line you have to erase everything that comes after and at any rate I hate the scratching sound and feel of pencil lead or an eraser being used.

Google Drive solves that problem handily, with a Chromebook at all my classes and the same document available on my gaming PC, I can edit it whenever I need to. I could use my phone as well but the keys are REALLY small and annoying so I rarely do. Anyway, I have a document in my Drive called The Masterlist, which has lists of everything I can think of. The one exception is my list of Minecraft mods because that is about three pages long and I need to share it with friends anyway. At the top of this document where I can easily access it I have notes to myself, a list of college assignments, and a daily to-do list. The to-do list pulls items from my lists of things to do in general and assignments, so that I have a general idea of what I want to get done on a specific day.

For example, I may list a class, then laundry, then groceries, then a blog post, then homework. I will then get those done, usually in the order that they’re listed, but I don’t put down deadlines other than the end of the day. This way I don’t feel constantly pressured – if I have any sort of deadline for a job I will freak out under pressure and if I set a deadline for, say, playing a video game, I then feel pressured to enjoy that time because it’s running out really fast – which in turn leads to frustration and rage if things don’t go as I planned. So far this plan has worked out relatively well, though I’ll be sure to (belatedly) inform you all of any further developments on the subject.

Item Three: The Elections

Assuming you live in America you’ve no doubt been deluged in political drama surrounding the candidates for Presidential candidacy. Honestly I don’t have much of an opinion on the subject – politics has never been something I found particularly interesting and this latest storm of debates is little different. The one thing I’ve done relating to politics recently is a quick Google search for “donald trump autism.” According to a Facebook group for Aspies, Trump said something about autism being a disease. Rather than give a knee-jerk “Trump is Satan” reaction I Googled it, and while he is possibly wrong about autism’s cause, he’s not saying anything particularly vile about autistic individuals. Which is good, I suppose – I’ve already gone into detail in a previous post on how much I despise that attitude.

Regardless of Trump’s knowledge of the spectrum, my stance on the Presidential debates is that the election is a full year away and frankly I don’t trust the news anyway. I’ve got that year in which I can find relatively impartial articles to make a decision on who I want sitting in the Oval Office and for the moment there are far more pressing matters to attend to, like organizing my newly-bought collection of Nintendo games and making sure my blog and Youtube channel don’t die.


2 thoughts on “Stuff That I Have Itemized

  1. Hey, flagmouth! You rock. You’ve gotten a good handle on organization and assignments. You are paying some attention (whether you want to or not) to the political scene. I’m like you; I figure I can focus on the final candidates next year. You made me smile. Thank you. G.L.

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