State of the Aspie Address

HAHA! Updating once a week! It’s still technically Wednesday! Take that, schedule!


Now. On to the subject of today’s post.

I’ve had an interesting past couple of weeks. School still doesn’t quite feel like I’ve got it down so far this semester, and I lost my job. The restaurant I delivered pizza and washed dishes for closed down about a month ago.

Can’t say as I’m terribly surprised, nor will I miss the food.

How this actually affected me was simple. I’d had that job for almost four years – pretty much right from the time I turned sixteen I’d been working there and as such it had become routine. I was one of “the guys” who knew literally everything about how the job was supposed to be done. I was an expert. Perhaps most importantly, I knew everyone there and was respected, even having earned a couple of friends.

Now I had none of that, and I certainly couldn’t sit around playing Fallout all day. Fun as it is, it doesn’t actually bring me money (theoretically it could, but my Youtube channel isn’t big enough). So I had to get a new job. Which was a colossal strain – I was constantly wondering if I was doing it right. It made me realize that working for my first job I knew so much that was simply beyond my expertise with this third job (I’d worked two jobs briefly through the first half of 2015).

Applying for my new job, I was very, very anxious through the whole process – obtaining application, filling it out, depositing it, all that. Three days after I dropped it off I called the store to check up on it, not having heard back. For those of you trying to get a job, I recommend it, it shows that you actually care about the job and will follow through on things. But I was scared to do it; I actually had to call my mom and dad both and get them to reassure me. The odd bit about that is I knew exactly what they would say in advance, it’s just the fact that they actually said it made it mean that much more.

Long story short, I got an interview, aced it, got the job on the spot, and am now delivering pizzas once again. In all honesty I can’t believe I ever worked at the old place – I make a killing from tips, the job is much less stressful due to an adequate number of workers, and nearly every co-worker I’ve spoken to has built their own PC (for those who don’t know, I’m a nerd and this is a Big Deal that lots of my co-workers are nerds too. Also building a PC isn’t that impressive either, but now I’m veering off topic without even closing the parenthetical statement).

The next bit is college. College is still a colossal trial and will likely continue to be such for the foreseeable future. The big issue this semester was that I made an effort to take as many online courses as possible; I live forty minutes from campus and between those drives and my job as a pizza guy I was slowly murdering my car. Actually, it wasn’t even all that slow. More on that later.

With online classes there was zero scheduling aside from deadlines. You got an assignment, you were told when it was due, and then they left you alone. Both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because hey, now I’ve got all that free time back! A curse because without structure, the first few weeks could be summed up as follows: holycheezitsallmyhomeworkisdueintwodaysquickworkworkworkworkwork!

Admittedly preceded by five days of being pretty relaxed but even so. This past couple of weeks I’ve finally started to get the hang of things, which is pretty nice as it lets me measure out the amount of time I have for each assignment and divide up the work into neat little packets. Then I simply determine the minimum number of packets to complete in a day, overshoot it slightly, and have my weekends back. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, homework! The man cannot keep me down!

Finally, this last week (in my first couple of shifts at my new job, no less, which made it even more stressful) my car broke down completely. I did say I’d get to this, remember? The battery gave out entirely, to the point that when my dad brought it in for fixing, the mechanic told us by all rights we shouldn’t have been able to start it in the first place. The thing had seventy amps in it (for those of you who are, like me, car-illiterate it’s supposed to have more than a few hundred. Long story short it wasn’t pretty).

On top of that, the heater hadn’t been working right; if I had it on anything higher than the very lowest setting it would make this unholy grinding and screeching noise. So, since I needed my eardrums for other engagements and also didn’t want to spend enough money to pay off the national debt on aspirin, I kept it on low. Now the problem with this is that I live in a place where winter might as well be a trip to Siberia – I had nights where frost formed on the inside of my windows. While I was running the heat. Which meant I couldn’t see squat; less than ideal for a professional driver.

Oh, and on top of that the accelerator would occasionally get stuck on, so the car would uncontrollably rev the engine up as high as it could possibly go. Happened twice in one night (same night the battery died and I had to get a jump from one of my co-workers), once when I was parking and both times when I might as well have been trying to navigate a maze in an ice rink. Not fun. Both times I safely changed to neutral and dislodged the pedal but still. Ended up costing me five hundred money to get everything fixed up, which sucked, but ultimately it’s still better than having to replace the car.

According to my dad I handled the car issue very well. He cited times in my life where I would have had a complete mental breakdown if that happened under the circumstances that it did. Good to know I’m making progress there, then…although he might just be referring to the fact I bought him pizza for lunch in thanks for helping me with the car and letting me borrow his for that day’s shift. Either way I’ll take it…could be worse, and I got pizza too, after all.

Next post should be in a week – do remember to scream at me if I manage to kill the schedule again. I’m very trying, I swear.



4 thoughts on “State of the Aspie Address

  1. I had some good laughs and “oh mys” in this one. Just love your writing. I was curious about the on-line classes/homework so glad to see things are going better for your stress level. I hope you get to take more with people who are in the same room as you. Gotta impress those instructors, too! A transfer to ISU would help the commute issue. Keep these up, JD.

  2. How do we scream at you rarely check the blog?

    Also, not having a complete mental break-down is progress. Let’s just hope that that stays true and your feeling don’t get bottled up. I’m impressed that you were able to make it so your car can limp along for a few more years. (If I read it right)

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