I’ve Been On The Radio

As the title says. Last Friday, on March 11, I was invited to take part in a talk show on a local radio station on the subject of Asperger’s, the autistic spectrum, and this blog. Pretty exciting stuff, all in all.

And you know, it was actually kind of fun. The broadcast was recorded for viewing via webcams as well and can be found here. Fair warning, it’s nearly an hour long, although I suppose you can listen to it in the background while doing something else – Lord knows you don’t want to be staring at me and my dad’s ugly mugs for that long.

At first I was kind of intimidated by the idea of being on the radio. I mean, it’s the second best thing to being on television, and one does not easily get used to the idea that a whole bunch of people will be watching one’s performance. But even so I found it to be an ultimately highly rewarding experience, particularly because I was helping to educate people on autism and the challenges associated with it. I wasn’t able to be quite as comprehensive as I liked, but that’s understandable given the format, the sort of improvised discussion and the necessity for commercial breaks.

One of the high points was definitely the sense that I was actively making an impression on people. The host of the show personally thanked me after it ended for appearing on the show, and it’s very nice to feel appreciated in such a way. Certainly better than most of my spring break, during which I’ve managed to accomplish precisely nothing (although it is spring break we’re talking about, so that’s not a terrible thing)

Anyway I must apologize for the relatively late and short post. It’s relatively late where I am, after all, and I can’t spare a whole lot of time at the moment. I sincerely hope my blog is helping decrease frustration. Thank you and good night. Literally. Although probably not by the time you read this.



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