I Am A Triangle

Or a pentagram.


Look, the point is I’m not well-rounded. And sticking triangular pegs in rounded holes is…well, it’s really painful.

School, I know you mean well. I really do. I’ve come a long way from believing that my parents and teachers were all conspiring against me and my interests. But for the love of all that is holy, cool it with the well-rounded crap. I absolutely detest being made to study things like math (it always does come back to math, doesn’t it?) that have nothing to do with whatever it is I might actually want to do with my life.

No, I do not give a fig about being a well-rounded individual. I do not want or need to know how to write chemical formulas. I have precisely zero intention of ever going into a career where I might need that information. If I did, I would study the heck out of it, but I don’t. Therefore, forcing me to do it is only going to cause problems. Triangular peg. Round hole. I learned this in kindergarten and taking geometry only reinforced what I figured out.

Speaking of geometry, that would probably be my favorite math class of all time. Not that there wasn’t a fair bit of completely unnecessary homework bogging down my grade, brain and free time but it was useful, darn it! I could take anything I learned in that class and think up half a dozen situations where I’d need to know how to calculate the length of a hypotenuse of a right triangle using basic trigonometry.

Fast forward a year. Algebra II. Conic-God-forsaken-sections. When in my life am I ever going to need to graph a hyperbola? Then again, the actual trigonometry class itself. Sine over cosine over cosecant of the square root of why the actual, bouncing, top-hat-wearing heck am I ever going to need this equation!? It’s all just numbers – no, I take that back. They wouldn’t even give us numbers, just letters, and ill-defined letters at that. So they just spout a bunch of ambiguous values and sine this and cosine that and the whole thing is all very abstract and nice, I’m sure some ancient fossil of a Greek mathmatician is very proud of his work but what. Is. The. POINT!?

I feel the need to bring this up for a reason related to why this blog has lain fallow for so long: I’m behind in my schoolwork. Shocking, I know. The better part of this is of course math work, because with all the various problems I have with it (pointless, repetitive, the teacher can’t even be bothered to explain things properly) make it an experience that I wouldn’t choose over having my toes amputated with blunt scissors. And each week that pile just gets bigger. It’s unholy.

I’d best get back to it, though. I believe this is a little bit shorter than my average post, but it will have to do. Just letting everyone know I’m not dead, not abandoning the blog (again) just trying to keep up on schoolwork that is borderline intolerable.



2 thoughts on “I Am A Triangle

  1. Ah, yes! Now I was the one who really couldn’t see any reason for Geometry, although it was my father’s favorite subject.

    Does not your school have any policies for students with exceptional needs? Cannot someone go to bat for you with your math teacher to request (no, demand) that you have less homework if you can show you understand the task? That repetitive stuff is really not so helpful. If you don’t know how to do it, how is repeating a trillion (slight exaggeration) times going to help? If you do, three or four problems should suffice in demonstrating mastery.

    The thing you may need to remember in this situation is that the real task here is to finish. So, I’ll let you get back to that task. When you are through, you can celebrate–in your triangular peg way.


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