Stream Of Consciousness Rambling

So this is my new plan for writing posts on here, given it’s been twenty-five days since my last update which in my opinion is thoroughly unacceptable. It’s not actually going to be completely random rambling, of course – more like updates and my thoughts, but still. The idea is that there will be helpful information somewhere in here, so stay tuned.

Of late I have been having some awful problems with motivation. I know what I want to get done and in most cases I have a pretty good idea how to get started, but I end up throwing time into the soul-sucking nexus of futility that is the Internet’s peripheral functions – YouTube videos, Reddit posts, fan fiction, voice chatting with friends…It’s gotten to the point where I haven’t even been able to summon up the energy to update my own bloody YouTube channel.

Complicating matters is the fact that for some reason, the instant I get into my car and head off to my job (which is at least pretty dang good for what it is) my mind is abuzz with ideas and motivation – which I then cannot act on for anywhere between three and twenty hours depending on the shift’s length. No, I don’t actually work twenty hour shifts – I work the Friday closing shift starting at five, so we close at three-thirty, are done and home by an hour later and then I sleep for eight hours or so. But I digress as usual.

It’s all very frustrating, though at least the past few days have been relatively okay. Friday was my most productive day all month – I put new oil in my car, deposited two months’ worth of paychecks and tip money, bought groceries and discovered to my chagrin that no store in town sells pineapple-flavored soda. I need that soda in my life. Oh, and all this BEFORE eleven hours of work. Booyah.

Saturday was useless – I woke up at one, had like three and a half hours to myself, then three hours at work. New guy there who has my name, bringing us up to a total of four of them. Three people and the store itself, all with the same name. I get the feeling it’s what my brother feels like. Back to my schedule, I got nothing done but whatever, the day was shot from the get-go because of work scheduling, so I’m good as far as I’m concerned.

Sunday is as always reserved for me and my friends’ weekly Dungeons & Dragons meet – this week we just watched Netflix due to half of the group being on vacation though. Again, nothing done all day. No problem. Sunday is my designated “I-am-doing-nothing” day and keeping to that routine is fine. I actually one-upped myself by recording three and a half hours of footage for my YouTube channel, although the computer deleted two of those hours. Which set me off something fierce.

Now, though, we come to today. Monday. The worst day. Now I have to be productive again and I don’t want to be – none of the stuff I set out to do so far has gotten done anyway. As before, it’s just me sitting in my chair, magically unable to summon energy. I’m beginning to think that’s the problem, that I should grab my laptop and move up and out of my seat. Maybe even go for a bike ride. I liked bike rides, it was like the sole reason outside was as good as it was. Get the blood flowing, change of scenery, get out of the “do-nothing” mindset hovering over my swivel chair.

I dunno. We’ll see if that works out.


One thought on “Stream Of Consciousness Rambling

  1. Does your cell phone have an app such that you might dictate your ideas as they come to you–even while delivering pizzas?

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