Sanity Points

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates, especially coming on the heels of me saying “oh yeah, I’m going to update like every week or so” about six times a day. Right, I’m going to deem that sufficient and move on to the meat of this post.

Sometimes I am presented with choices. Sometimes they’re easy. More often they’re excruciatingly painful. I will frequently be provided with a choice where I can do something that is, from a purely logical and objective standpoint, the superior option. For example, an option that requires me to do a little more work in exchange for saving money. Seems simple, am I right? Work is a much more renewable resource than money – this despite me being, for a college student, relatively well-off financially.

Unfortunately, like seemingly everything, it isn’t quite so simple. Oftentimes the option that requires more work ends up translating to more time and more of my mental processes being dedicated to its completion – all told, it has a “sanity cost.” While I have quite a lot of cash on hand (relatively speaking), if I had a sanity bank it would be a piggy bank with essentially nothing in it. Maybe it’s even broken, I dunno.

As an example of what I’m talking about, I will outline my living situation, so hop into the time machine of your choice briefly. The year was 2014 and I had just graduated from high school (barely). Because I spent…I dunno, a whole heck of a lot of time on the computer, my parents were rather frustrated with me outright ignoring their restrictions pertaining to it. So they gave me the following choice:

  1. I continue to live rent-free at their house. In doing so, I agree to submit to their (draconian (not even editorial for once, one hour a day isn’t good enough for anyone anymore, much less a PC gamer)) computer rules – surrender the administrator privileges to them and let them police what I can do and when.
  2. I move out, find an apartment or other residence somewhere else where I’m free to do as I like computer-wise.
  3. I move in; essentially a hybridization of the above two options in that I’m now living at home, but I’m paying rent to do so and am therefore technically a tenant. As such I’m free to do as I choose within certain guidelines in my lease.

Now, the financially sound move is obviously the first one. Both of my parents expressed their support for that option numerous times. Thing is, as I stated above, their rules were simply incompatible with how I spent my free time. Therefore, the decision I went with was the third – the stress cost for it was far less, as all I had to do was learn to do laundry and buy groceries. Oh, and cook.

Writing that all up actually brought to mind another example. Just prior to that I had been in a bit of a bind with regards to high school in my senior year – stress running super high, grades not so good, et cetera. Specifically, my AP Chemistry course was going awful. The logically sound decision would be to claw my way back to a passing grade, study hard, pass the AP Test and get college credit from it. Thing is, the hole I was in would have taken a Herculean effort to pull myself out of. Accordingly, I did a quick cost-benefit analysis. Did I need to pass Chemistry to graduate? As it turns out, no. Accordingly, I turned the class into a study hall and used it as an opportunity to either relax a little bit or catch up on another class.

You know what, concluding paragraphs are awful, I declare this post done with. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps.


One thought on “Sanity Points

  1. I love your analogies. I love the idea of the sanity cost factor. I’ll have to remember that for my own trials.

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